Weekly Reading: the Wizard of Oz Prototyping Approach (Due4/13)

I really liked reading this week’s reading post.This reading is about the Wizard of Oz prototyping approach which aims to help designers in the iterative design process. The Woz method allow the designer to test and evaluate the design with initial prototype before completing the whole system. Although the WOz concept seems interesting, it is time consuming and takes a lot of effort to develop. The stage of prototyping is supposed to be fast and easy to implement, I found this concept hard to understand and I think acquiring it in a work environment will require special expertise in this method. Because this concept is implemented on uncompleted systems, the designers must cover the missing parts of the system and imitate the real ones. To accomplish that, there are several roles within the Woz including the controller, supervisor, and moderator. Moreover, the reading discuses a case study on how the method is used with the DART system in Oakland cemetery tour system. DART used in three different tests and the role was different in each test. Applying similar scenario in business projects will take time and a lot of money to complete the testing and evaluation. I believe the time spend on applying such method is better used to develop the real system.


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