Weekly Inspiration-why are adding screens important in prototyping:(Due-5/11)

hoho2 why are adding screens important in prototyping

The importance of prototyping should be obvious to anyone involved in designing website or mobile apps.

A prototype allows a designer or developer to create a form out of a concept, so that everyone who is involved in the process can give their feedback and make necessary adjustments before a final version is produced.

From the very beginning of a project it is important to test each element and to ensure that it all works as intended. Navigating around a working prototype and trying out different actions allows you to experience what it would be like to use the interface.

You can explore all the functions and solve any problems during the planning stage, rather than discovering them through testing at a later stage when it might not be so easy to get them fixed.

Another reason why a working prototype is so helpful is because it gives you a master plan in more than one dimension. Prototyping is the best way to determine the final specifications for a working website or a mobile app.

The biggest benefit of prototyping is that it prevents important factors from being overlooked and it stops you making any assumptions that could be revealed as inaccurate later on in the process.







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