Final Video & Project Documentation (Due 5/16)

Assignment: Document your project including Ideation (data gathering, physical brainstorming, task analysis), Screens (low fidelity, medium fidelity), Storytelling (storyboarding) other (clever tricks with audio/image manipulation, physical prototyping/digital fabrication). Choose the documentation format of either a portfolio (web or print) or video. The purpose of this portfolio is to explain to the user why and how this device was made. Also include a 500 word reflection (explained in a few slides)

Final Video

Final Video Link:

Project Documentation

Power Point Link: ww_ppt3

Final documentation: ww

Project Reflection

This class and  definitely the project helped me learn many prototyping skills. While creating the prototype for Wonder Woman’s bracelet, I polished my skills designing different low and medium fidelity prototypes. Initially as expected I started with a low fidelity model where I learnt that you can not expect it to be perfect, it will come with its own loop holes and latter while passing by every prototyping step you gradually solve each defect and com up with a satisfactory product, so gradually I brought in new features and moved to a medium fidelity model and finally I was able to create touch screens on Wonder Woman’s bracelet which is a very new idea and improvement. Through out this journey, I build the prototype, evaluated it and made continuous improvements to the user interface so that the device is more user friendly. I think more I will practice and ask the right questions to the user, I would be able to make the necessary improvements required in UI.

In my current internship role, I do create prototypes for mobile applications for different clients based on the requirements. I always try to ask lot of questions and try to understand the client requirements and involve the users more so that I develop a prototype which is going to meet the needs. I can related with this very well as in this prototyping class our professor taught us to know our user first very well doing several data gathering approaches including user analysis and environmental analysis, which helped me at my job as well. This course was very helpful since I learnt more on data gathering, prototyping, brainstorming, and story telling, story boarding which I am definitely going to focus and use more in future.

Moreover, we used different tools in the class that gave me lot of insights. Not only the tools I used for my prototyping project but the class critiques and discussions helped a lot to learn new stuff and tools that my classmates are have used(try new tools which I am not yet comfortable with, which definitely gives me a courage stuff out of my comfort zone in future). I believe there are more new tools that will be invented in near future, so a UI developer its important we have the ability to learn something new and make ourselves expert in that. It’s important to choose the right tool that is required for an particular job. One thing I would like to do in the future is to use web and mobile prototyping tools like InVision and master other prototyping skills which I got inspired for after taking this class.





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