Weekly Assignment:Video (V1 Due 4/13, V2 Due 4/20)

Assignment: Write a script for a video that should last about 2 minutes. This should include things characters say, information the viewer needs to know , what actions will happen in the scene. Make a 2 minute video, use images/stills from your storyboard. It is OK to include sketches at this stage. Record your own audio track (it is OK if you are the only voice actor).

Version 1 (Due 4/13)



In the first version of my video story I chose to modify my story 1 from the other assignments. I chose to do story 1 and 2 because it makes the user have more complex interactions with the device (like deflecting the missile into ocean and creating force field around the village ). To make it look like a story while writing the script I took chunks of my story from the Storytelling assignment and added some narrative. I am satisfied as I didn’t use extra  time and was able to complete my videos within 2 minutes. I added the introduction to my user and the device as well as kept equal time to represent the interaction with device to help people understand my story better. Lets wait for others comments. in my story 2 I kept 2 types of interaction of the device and my user (like banging both the bracelets and using the screen to create lighting strikes.)

I used an app called “Sound Recorder” to record my audio and “Windows live Movie maker” to combine the audio with pictures. I found both applications to be easy to pick up and learn.Sound  Recorder allows you to record yourself and then upload the files to your computer quickly. I enjoyed using Windows live Movie maker because it let me attach elements of both picture and voice elements. It also made movie editing quick and easy. I am keeping my fingers crossed, to know how good my stories look.

Version 2 (Due 4/20)




In version 2 of this video I wanted to makes all changes as per the the feedback I got from friends and use it to improve the video. While there was many helpful things said, I took few things people recommended I changed and implemented them (or thought about how I could implement them). The main change was I just kept one story  like  others instead of two.
So I basically added animation to my video to make it look more real. This helped a lot to explain the story. Animation is such a  feature which can actually break or make your work. If done nicely can exactly bring out your mind but if overdone can indicate something can you never wanted to portray.

I even tried to make it look better by adding visual effects. The animation was bit hazy in the beginning(but gradually it showed its power) and the visual effect makes my video more bright and colorful. I tried to make the story sound bit different by changing the script first, but was not much successful as the changes did not fit much, so I am not implementing it for the time being , but have plans to do it in my next version. Moreover I added some very meaningful colors as in some obvious colors for making easy for the viewers to understand my video.


Reflection between V1 and V2

My video sketch did change quite a lot between version 1 and version 2 in respect to color combination, animation and visual effects. Thanks to the helpful feedback which helped to get a clear picture of the viewer’s mind. I did put lots more animation to make sure the transition are clear to my viewer and even the visual effects enhanced its significance quite a lot. Now I even more options to keep experimenting with my video which looks quite interesting to me. In my up coming assignments I will make more changes to make sure the video looks much improved and advanced. I am happy that we started making the video quite early instead of waiting till the last moment which gives us time to play around with our video.

I find like this prototyping skill very interesting as to how it makes you change the you think, and makes you think more about how someone else will think about your work. Good that it comes with many  versions that helps you to add stuff that you wanted to add but its all rework again.(so that’s the fun of prototyping). I think this prototyping skill is particularly important while launching a new device in market , so that its easy to identify what customers might think seeing a particular screen or button. To get a knowledge of customer’s view its really important to make some people who did not see the device before,to go through the sample device and come up with open comments. Even the softwares like “sound recorder” and “windows live movie” were amazing to use, which are absolutely new to me.




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