Weekly Assignment:Storytelling (V1 Due 3/30, V2 Due 4/6)

Assignment: Create an empathy map for your user (include 10 experience items, 3 problems, and 3 enjoyable moments). Then write 4 stories about how your user interacts with their technology to solve problems. Two stories should have a “technology saves the day stories” (before / after) theme while the other two should showcase the future stories which shows technology solving a problem.

Version 1 (Due 3/30)

Empathy Map: ww_empathy-map

Stories: ww_storytelling_v1

Developing the empathy map was quite challenging for my user like wonder woman. I think it was quite difficult because as we don’t get much information about my user’s personal life. Wonder woman is always portrayed as a strong woman power, who is busy saving her village and she herself and the world as well are least concerned about her feel, what she thinks, likes to hear, smell,see, taste, and what are her needs.  I  have watched all the movies still it was not easy to know Wonder Woman’s traits and understand what she would see, feel, think, hear, smell, taste, and need, as the movies are mainly concerned on her actions. The comics books were the only option left so I tried gathering as much information as I could from the comics. One thing that was a little more difficult was what she negatively thought. I think this was a harder than the other sections because she is always portrayed as a heroine so her negative qualities are not as obvious.For me, developing these stories was fun but difficult. After doing the empathy map it was easier to introduce the character and set up the story. It also helped me select certain qualities I wanted to emphasize in each story. For example, one story focuses on wonder woman acting smart, so I focused on her trying to learn new skills like being able to hide swords or weapons by concealing and conjure up swords while another story focuses on wonder woman’s love and loyalty to her villagers of amazon, so I focused on her  wining the hearts of millions of Amazon’s villager.. I also found it difficult to make the two stories involving technology making the world better without introducing a problem. I found myself twisting the story to have the device solve a problem when I needed to emphasize how the device is just making the world better.

Version 2 (Due 4/6)

Empathy Map: WW_EMPATHY MAP -v2

Stories: ww_storytelling_v2

The in class critique activity for version 2 was very helpful in getting others view on what my stories feel like. My classmates said that my story was quite well understandable and well written. I felt happy to hear their suggestion about the my story when I have mentioned that Ares who is enemy of Amazon, he shoots missile towards Amazon and how fast wonder woman could deflect it towards an ocean. So my classmate’s concern was wonder woman could only deflect bullet till date and now if she needs to deflect missile she needs more power or the power needs to get intensified. As the intensity or missile’s force is much higher compared to bullet, the force with which the missile needs to be deflected was quickly increased by wonder woman as because the default setting was only to deflect the bullets. So I had to increase the intensity of the deflecting power of the bracelet and the same gets mentioned in my empathy map as well.
This was quite a point to be noticed that in realty also the power of each device differs from one another.

Reflection between V1 and V2

The empathy map between version 1 and version 2 did not change much. I added some items to the “needs” categories that took wonder woman’s ability of  intensifying the bracelet power while deflecting missiles instead of bullet. The stories between version 1 and version 2 did slightly change. For all the stories, I kept the introduction small and simple  so the event would be a little clearer and the background is clear to make sure the things fall in place. I also explained the interaction with the wonder woman’s bracelet  in all the stories. This included explaining she used to live in a female dominant village called “Amazon” and she used to protect the village from any male invasion. I wanted to make sure I added the interaction of the device to the story this time around, since the next assignment involved storyboarding both the story we created and the screens we have worked on in past assignments.Being able to create empathy maps is essential to creating a good product with a good story. Empathy maps allows designers to dive deep into their audiences mind and try to understand how they think and what they experience.It is said  that people are composed of us and our circumstances, our environment and our context. The experiences derived from the confluence of these multiple factors determine how we think, feel and act. Therefore, if you want your business idea to be a success, you must work by focusing on these experiences with the idea of connecting with the goals and needs of your customers / users.We all understand the importance of knowing and understanding the customer to develop a product or service that really suits their needs.In conjunction, I believe story telling  is a very important prototyping skill because it not only helps designers understand their audience more but it also allows them to create a story to market the product. Stories are a must for the sell of any device, otherwise it would be hard to explain to other why it is so essential and important. The story also helps designers better understand their audience because in order to create a believable and reliable story, an author needs to put themselves in their audience’s shoes.This skill could be used for many things but I think the most evident one is marketing. It does not matter how amazing a device is if it is not marketed correctly. It is important for the marketing team to understand their audience and be able to engage them. By having a thorough empathy map and captivating story the device should sell.


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