Weekly Assignment:Medium Fidelity: Mobile UI (V1 Due 3/23, V2 Due 3/30)

Version 1 (Due 3/23)

InVision just not only help in building UI but also help in creating a mobile app. This prototype is easy to use as well a saves a lot time. Even with InVision we can copy the already made project that will also copy the existing assets and hot spots.   For the mobile based prototype I found that you can simply change the device model or name you are designing for on a project. This means that I was able to build off of my existing work and was able to switch the device easily. but the size of the screen. The only thing I had to update was the size of my design to fit on a mobile screen.I should again appreciate that InVision is a great time saver in today’s world. Moreover, in the mobile version, the hot spots had more options for how the user interacts with the screen and the transition. For example, when a user is choosing the mode of interaction with enemy that is whether its protection mode or attack mode, the hot spot gives options like swipe up or down, right or left, single tap or double tap. On the desktop version, the interaction was limited, so the user could click or hover on it and the mode could be selected. But on the mobile version, I was able to set the interaction so the user needed to swipe right or left to get the required mode. This makes the prototype more realistic feel and the final product feel as well. I also saw that you could have different transitions between screens. I used the “fade in” feature on few of my screens, because it made the transitions more practical as they just instantly changing. But there were many other options that designers could use to make their prototype as close to the final product as possible.The only unfortunate thing I have found about this type of prototyping is not being able to show my screen as the original size. When the prototype was on a desktop, I could display the screens the correct size and the user could interact with it. But since this prototype is mobile, and the screen is to small.Please note my InVision Prototype Link is no longer active as  InVision having a limit of 3 projects for their free student trial. I have attached the power point slides for the same.

Version 2 (Due 3/30)

According to me, this in class critique was the most helpful because the interface was finally tested on mobile screens! Since my prototype is a  device like a bracelet that has an interactive screen on it. that a user wears on wrist, this testing was very close to how a real user of this device would interact with it.The android screen the prototype was  measured was few inches smaller than the original one.  Despite this inch difference between screens, the way a user wears the device on her wrist would be the same. but as still its easy enough to read the writing on bracelet, its fine with the mobile version with the facility of portability.My both the tasks 1 and 2 are getting done very fast and smoothly as well. this got done within few seconds from the start. My task one included everything in protection mode that wonder woman needs to do as for example to reflect the bullet approaching towards  wonder woman she needs to create a force field around her. and my second task includes tasks in attack mode like banging her two bracelets to create electrified striking to destroy the enemy.I also wanted to test how it feels for my user after wearing the bracelet and convenient it is for the user to actually use the touch screen of the screen on the bracelet, while interacting with it. the features like Geo locate target and  I also wanted to test how the user wears the screen bracelet on left hand and interacts with the screen with her right and. Is it too difficult to do that, to which I felt its pretty easy.Please note my InVision Prototype Link is no longer active as  InVision having a limit of 3 projects for their free student trial. I have attached the power point slides for the same.

Reflection between V1 and V2

After seeing the user interact with my device I decided to change things in my version2 of mobile app.these are using a proper icon for the execute button and for locate target also I have used a proper icon based image to make sure its easy for my user to simply look and understand what the particular screen symbioses instead of reading every icon, So I wanted to keep some easy identifiable icon for execute like the execute word written on it and for locate target I have used an icon where a magnifying glass tries to search for a place on globe.This makes my user identify each screen better.In today’s the option of using your prototype everywhere you go is much more important than anything else.The ability to prototype on different devices in a constantly evolving world is crucial. Almost everything interface built has a mobile version, weather its a tablet, phone, or wearable. It is crucial to be able to not only create prototypes for these things, but to also make design decisions that make sense for all interfaces. So i did just not only test my prototype in my phone as a mobile app but also in my tablet iPad as well.Nowadays its important that the particular skill of prototyping for a mobile device to be designed as its going to become part of everyday design. Therefore, it is imperative that everyone understand how to design for a mobile device and how to use tools that prototype mobile devices. It might even require at work to design a prototype that is mobile operable as well. Or that the designs you have already made need to be converted to mobile friendly screens. These are just two examples of why this skill is so important to have.



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