Medium Fedility Prototypes with Power Point(Due3/9)

Please note: All the power points are in BOX.
I have used InVision for my version 1 of my second medium fidelity prototype. This works pretty similar to  PowerPoint animation. InVision is an online prototyping tool that allows people to input “hotspots” onto designs so users can go in between pages with options  like click and hover.It is available online, either we can use this prototyping tool online  or download an offline html page that is accessable without internet, and the account was quick to create and free.  Despite the similarity I found it was easier and faster to create animations between the different pages.I used the features like hover and click to make my screen more real. I was also able to add transitions that allowed the user to go back if they selected cancel. The one disadvantage I found for this prototyping tool (compared to PowerPoint) was that inability to animate.  For the prototype I used the images I created for my version 2 of last project that were mainly icon based.One thing I loved about InVision, that would be helpful when sharing prototypes with large groups of people, was their comment and history function. Anyone who has access to the project can comment anywhere on the image. This could save time when collaborating and also keeps a record of the interaction that happens between team members. I also liked how they kept a record of what was uploaded and when. This really helps if many people are altering a prototype and something accidentally gets saved over.


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