Weekly Reading(Due 3/9)

Silk (a interface prototyping tool) is this week’s reading topic  where the author talks about this tool which allows users to sketch their designs and the system automatically turns them into working prototypes. This paper goes back to 1995, when you had to code a mock up of your user interface in order totes it. Although much of what they talked about does not seem revolutionary now, back in 1995 this must have been a major breakthrough. The tool allows you to draw widgets, like a scroll bar, and then the system uses an algorithm to build an actual working interface. Although the application does not allow you to create new functionality, it utilizes all of the common widgets found in an interface of that era.In 1995, this was probably a great idea. There were very few interfaces and very few widgets to keep track of. Today, it would be hard to implement something like this because user interface design is limitless. This being said, the overall idea can be see in prototyping tools today. You can see this kind of thinking with products like POP app and others that use sketches to create the interface.


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