Weekly Assignment-Medium Fedility Prototype(Due-3/2)

Medium Fidelity Prototype__V1

At my work, I design the layout of booths for my exhibitor clients as per their choice, so a good look and feel is a must. While doing this assignment, I could totally relate to what I do. I used PowerPoint to make the images and animated it, as I am very comfortable with power point from the very beginning.

I decided to use green power button icon color for start and thumbs up as “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED” as sign in the first and the last slides respectively. I have kept two modes “ATTACK MODE” and “PROTECT MODE” in red to perform two tasks. So depending on the circumstance Wonder Woman chooses one of them, and that turns green after clicking on it. I never want my user to go through a user manual before using the device, so I used all obvious images possible. Again for locating the target, I have kept two options for my user to select like the “GEO LOCATE TARGET” and “LOCATE TARGET” for two separate tasks. So for the first task, user gets the latitude and longitude coordinates from the device( i.e bracelet screen in this case) as  a pop up. While for the second task, user herself puts the inputs by selecting “NEAR” or “FAR” depending on the position of the enemy/target. Now when the device is able to locate the target successfully, it gives a pop-up to Wonder Woman saying-“TARGET LOCATED” and automatically comes the “EXECUTE” button ready to be clicked. So for this I have kept all the colors too vibrant, in contrast to help Wonder Woman chose them as fast a s possible, because there is no time when enemy is just in front of you and if you don’t attack, he will attack you.

For typography, I used icons that are easily recognized, as the screen size is also quite small almost as the same size of the bracelet, it should not take Wonder Woman much time in identifying on which screen she is on and what are her next steps. I used as less icons as possible to make sure the screen does not gets overloaded with features.Overall, I wanted to go with a modern, clean, and simple look to make it as easy to use as possible

I feel very happy that the V1 and V2 of my low fidelity prototype are quite similar to each other, except for very minor changes.So what I found after V1 of low fidelity prototype is that my my screen was too small, making it nearly impossible to read whats on it. But in my V2 I made it much bigger taking almost the whole surface of the bracelet.The images of V1 and V2 are attached hereby.

v1-  click here

v2 – click here

Moreover in version I kept a lot of options for Wonder Woman to actually type in all the commands she wants to tell the screen like “Reflect the Bullets” but in V2 I kept icons for choosing the required action. I did this because I understand after doing ROLESTORMING that when your enemy is standing in front of you and you not sure that how and when he will attack you, you have to play defense in order to protect yourself or else you need to attack fast to make sure you are not dead.

I think I can use this technology in my writing as in I used to be a witter few years back, so I find long paragraphs and whole lots of text to be boring and tiring for eyes as well at times. So instead of that if we had pictorial representation instead that would have attracted a lot more customers, we all have the child still alive within us, so we all must have noticed how children get attracted towards colorful photos, and are less keen in reading long stories.  So if images, pictures, photos can say it well, life would have been much better.





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