Weekly Reading(Due-3/2)

I find this week’s reading very interesting as I could relate to my work directly. I do make floor plans for my clients  as well as set up mobile app for them.So while setting up a mobile app, I need to take the inputs from client like what they exactly want to keep and what not because the screen size of a mobile will always be very small compared to the website being open on desktop.

So often it happens that client wants few things to be put up that might apparently look good, but not much of use, it becomes a challenge to make client understand that their demand is not worth satisfying. When the author talks about the 80/20 rule where 80 percent effects occur because of 20 percent causes.

Here the author not only talked about getting rid of unimportant features in an application but continued on to go through a specific example and how they go through their process of deleting features. So things that apparently looks good, or seems useful, might not actually be of any importance at all.

This article again helped me for my project on  Wonder Woman’s bracelet to identify whether to put a keypad to type in all the instructions and make the bracelet work or there should be a voice instruction, cause apparently it looked good to make all the instructions through typing as it gives  a better understanding of the interaction, but then I realized that if it takes more time to type instruction , it might be a delayed reaction of the bracelet in response to fight back the enemy.



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