Weekly Reading- Task Analysis-Ch. 3 Alan Dix(Due2/24)

This reading article talks about task analysis.Task analysis is the analysis of accomplishment of a task, including a detailed description of both manual and mental activities, task and element duration, task frequency, task allocation, task complexity, environmental conditions, necessary equipment, and any other unique factors involved in or required for one or more people to perform a given task.

To analyze a task is never easy cause needs detail description of all obvious steps as well. As an expert, it is not always easy to identify what a task step is. Even we often group several steps into a larger one.

For example, one might list “open the daily receiving spreadsheet file,” instead of 1) start computer, 2) open spreadsheet program, 3) etc. If we are going to use the task steps for training purposes, then we to have to identify our target population. This will tell us how detailed the steps need to be.

Lets suppose, if our target population is computer literate, then the expert’s combined step might be appropriate, otherwise, we might have to break it into several smaller steps. There is no one right way to list steps as each circumstance will differ. This is why the first part of an analysis is crucial to determine what type of information is needed and who our target population is.


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