Weekly Inspiration: Low-fidelity Prototype(Due- 2/24)

This article talks about few advantages of Low-fidelity Prototype like:

1. Get better and more honest feedback-  When the prototype you present to them is too perfect, people do not give good feedback . People would focus on colors, fonts, the layout of the page, etc in low fidelity prototype. So when you want your client’s  read his mind, you want him to be clear with what he wants, so if you explaining him using a paper and pencil, u want him to grab it from your hand and make the drawing he wants.

2.  Make the cost of mistakes cheap, not expensive- Changing direction is easier as well as much cheap in low-fidelity prototyping process which  facilitates a collaborative design discussion. A customer-driven product needs a lot of outside metrics and qualitative feedback of lots of people. Its difficult when collaboration from lots of people is needed and people often becomes defensive while agreeing to a common decision.  when the cost of change is less lots of variations can be tried very easily.

3. Refine the page flow, not the pages-It’s easy to draw lots of small pages and link them up in a flow, and do things like cross pages off, change the ordering of a funnel, and lots of things that feel natural when the prototype is very rough. Instead of getting into the details,it feels good to explore with options about the flow of the pages. So people get better with the steps involved for a particular process.



Why low-fidelity prototyping kicks butt for customer-driven design


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